Unusual Times

Obama has been reelected, with his first State of the Union speech behind him. I was disappointed, especially in the second half. I was expecting more about budget cuts as a way to balance the budget. Those budget cuts never really got addressed. Obama has just set himself up for another budget battle that will do us no good.

I feel Obama has given American business a free pass while he talks about hiring more public service employees. Where are the public sector jobs? Why is American business hiding behind phrases like “uncertainty” in the market place, or “higher taxes only hurt hiring.” Taxes are a cost of doing business, and most American Corporations are having record profits.

Today the stock market was talking about Mergers, and Acquisitions. Last week there were several articles about commercial property REITs. It’s sounding like the 1980s all over again. Big money, big profits, but where are the jobs?

I think Obama needs to get with Republicans this session, and hammer out some tax codes, and get real budget cutting started.

We can talk about the American Dollar in another post, or how the rest of the world is devaluing their currency the way we have ours, but now is the time for us to make a stand for strong economic progress into this new global economy.

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