Tea Party

The Tea Part was a response to ObamaCare which the Republican Party portrayed as an Entitlement. It was, in the beginning a way to get us to a single payer system of Health Care that would have helped MediCare, and MedicAid to meet increasing costs. The focus of the Tea Party was cutting what they termed as entitlements like welfare, food stamps, and MedicAid. They are now shifting gears to go after Social Security, and MediCare.

The Paul Ryan pick for Vice President was a concession to the Tea Party voting block. Paul Ryan has rambled out of one committee to another talking about spending cuts as the best way to lower the deficit. You’ll notice he never said to cut the military or raise taxes, he is just using budget cuts as a way to get us out of debt. The idea is that tax cuts will grow the economy.

Harsh reality has come to the Tea Party with the Obama win. Next we need to get rid of those Congress people the Tea Party swept into power. We now have the time to concentrate on that.

My feeling is that the Tea Party is a blight on our American History wrapped in back water politics by a bunch of hillbilly bubbas. I t

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