Paul Ryan loves Barrack Obama

The impossible was reported today when Paul Ryan announced he thinks there is a middle ground for a budget deal with Barrack Obama. They had a lunch date last week, and this week they are buddies. John Boehner also said last week he personally likes Barrack Obama.

What the heck is going on? We don’t hear a peep from the Democrats about the budget they have, but the Republicans are having a love fest.

OK, from what I read today there is more room for negotiation on MediCare, and the across the board budget cuts opened up the military budget, food programs, MedicAid, and other entitlements. The tax increases on the wealthy also help to balance those cuts with revenue. If what Paul Ryan proposes can be done incrementally, like doing small advances on cuts, piece, by piece we may cut the deficit significantly.

From this article:

“Ryan’s plan to balance the budget in 10 years is a dramatic change from last
year’s plan, which also envisioned $5 trillion in cuts, but would not have
balanced the budget until 2040.”

So what’s changed? Why so much optimism now? The answer is that we had the sequester take effect, and the stock market rose. The stock market evidently wants a balanced budget. From other reactions a budget plan would make the dollar stronger against other currencies. There is always a debate about if a stronger dollar is a good thing, but in this case, given the state of the global economy, I think we’ll come out ahead.

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Congress to get Serious about Spending Cuts

I was watching some Shaun Hannity last night, where he, and Rush Limbaugh are in a tizzy because Obama seems to be supporting the across the board spending cuts, the fiscal cliff.

For four years the Republicans have talked about deficit spending, but now that Obama says, OK, we’ll move ahead with spending cuts there is great concern that he is putting our country in economic jeopardy.

Of course we can cut the spending that Congress has saddled us with, because it is Congress who sets the budget. Congress seems to be having a hard time getting votes on the floor to settle our economy down. The Republicans keep blaming Democrats, but they still don’t take the votes, even though they supposedly have the votes in the House. My guess is that no one in Congress wants the American people to see how corrupt our budgetary process is.

I was appalled that John Kerry stood up in Congress holding up Hurricane Sandy legislation because they wanted more money for fisheries. John Kerry is a Democrat, but I see this on both sides. Republicans add more spending to every bit of legislation the same as the Democrats do.

So let’s say that the across the board spending cuts go into place. Rush Limbaugh was claiming it will mean less police, teachers, and fire fighters. I say there are other places to cut spending that are a lot less obvious than the traditional scare tactics.

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Today is the Day for Budget Cuts

The sequester starts tomorrow, March 1st, 2013. For all the conversation about dire consequences the Stock Market is at new highs today, we’ll see what happens in the morning.

I think this is a good thing. We need budget cuts, we need ways to increase revenue. Republicans are talking about closing loop holes, and the President is still making noises about tax reform. I say it doesn’t make any difference, we already got tax increases on the wealthy, now we just need the budget cuts.

So let’s take a look at the schedule for Congress in the next few months, and see where they might have time to discuss a budget, budget cuts, and tax code revisions. They have already discussed Benghazi into the ground, and got all the documents they were demanding. They have already had the debate on an Assault Weapons ban, so we can kind of move that to the back burner.

I think every voter, and tax payer should be looking to Congress to clear the floor, and come up with some real economic policy to take us to the end of the decade. There is nothing more important that I can see on the agenda for Congress. If we can clear the budget hurdle we would be an economic power house, once again.

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Unusual Times

Obama has been reelected, with his first State of the Union speech behind him. I was disappointed, especially in the second half. I was expecting more about budget cuts as a way to balance the budget. Those budget cuts never really got addressed. Obama has just set himself up for another budget battle that will do us no good.

I feel Obama has given American business a free pass while he talks about hiring more public service employees. Where are the public sector jobs? Why is American business hiding behind phrases like “uncertainty” in the market place, or “higher taxes only hurt hiring.” Taxes are a cost of doing business, and most American Corporations are having record profits.

Today the stock market was talking about Mergers, and Acquisitions. Last week there were several articles about commercial property REITs. It’s sounding like the 1980s all over again. Big money, big profits, but where are the jobs?

I think Obama needs to get with Republicans this session, and hammer out some tax codes, and get real budget cutting started.

We can talk about the American Dollar in another post, or how the rest of the world is devaluing their currency the way we have ours, but now is the time for us to make a stand for strong economic progress into this new global economy.

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Looking for a Web Site Developer

We have a site we lease for our cleaning business. The company we lease from has gone onto other ventures, well, namely they started a cleaning company. Our little website has gone without any upgrades for the past five years, and it looks a little worn. It’s at

In the past year I have desperately tried to find a reasonable website development company. Most want $3K to $5K to get started, because I guess they are so effective. We’ve never even gotten to a meeting stage with these high priced outfits.

We do a lot of work with WordPress, and we have about 10 WordPress blog sites, so I kind of know what it takes to get a site like that up, and running. When one of the high priced companies tried to steer me to WordPress, and the related costs, I knew they were less than honest about the work involved.

Now we have hired a couple of lower priced web developers which gives me the reason why some other companies bid the work way up.We have nothing to show for the money we have spent. It seems to me, as one of our clients put it, most of these lower priced people are more interested in getting you sucked in for more fees than doing the work.

So we are really looking this year, and would like any suggestions any one has.

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End of the Year

Yesterday I finished inputting the payroll portion of our year end expenses. Our business income is up through November, but looking at the numbers so far we have had about a 20% growth this past year.

When I started in the cleaning business all those years ago it was an add on to my Real Estate business. There was never a thought of mine given to the idea that the Real Estate market would crash, it seemed like a business I could do until my seventies.

Other Real Estate agents are doing well this year, but it is getting harder to put things together. Buyers, and sellers are demanding more service for the same rate of pay. In some cases Real Estate agents are competing with Discount Brokerages, or rebates from companies like redfin.

I’m just making an observation that I am grateful for our ”side business” of residential house cleaning, and look forward to another year of providing better service at reasonable rates.

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