Looking for a Web Site Developer

We have a site we lease for our cleaning business. The company we lease from has gone onto other ventures, well, namely they started a cleaning company. Our little website has gone without any upgrades for the past five years, and it looks a little worn. It’s at www.SeattleHouseCleaning.com

In the past year I have desperately tried to find a reasonable website development company. Most want $3K to $5K to get started, because I guess they are so effective. We’ve never even gotten to a meeting stage with these high priced outfits.

We do a lot of work with WordPress, and we have about 10 WordPress blog sites, so I kind of know what it takes to get a site like that up, and running. When one of the high priced companies tried to steer me to WordPress, and the related costs, I knew they were less than honest about the work involved.

Now we have hired a couple of lower priced web developers which gives me the reason why some other companies bid the work way up.We have nothing to show for the money we have spent. It seems to me, as one of our clients put it, most of these lower priced people are more interested in getting you sucked in for more fees than doing the work.

So we are really looking this year, and would like any suggestions any one has.

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