Health Care in the United States

One area of the economy that needs to be deregulated is Health Care. We need to rethink how we look at our Health Care system and the protections we give to the insurance industry while they manage our Health Care.

What passed Congress was another set of legislation that keeps the Health Insurance Industry in charge of our Health Care. That is a very bad thing. Just as one example is the amount of Liability Insurance a doctor has to have. Insurance companies settle disputes by awarding cash settlements, and hiding bad doctors who can go on to pay the higher premiums for those very expensive Liability Insurance policies.

Tort Reform would do nothing, but encourage people who have been wronged by the medical profession to settle for less. The options they had would be seriously decreased.

My preference would be to have government run, and managed health care, but that seems unpopular. We do have a drive on to deregulate industries, and I think Health Care should be at the top of that list. You never know what will work, or what people will respond to in terms of health, once you get past diet, and exercise, those seem to be constants.

We would want safe gaurds in place to protect people from theft, or dangerous practices. We would need to set standards of care, but this idea doctors are the only level of care we will accept is creating elitism where only those who can afford to attend medical school become doctors. Doctors then become a protected class as a profession that is hard to confront.

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