Happy Holidays

This time of year I go through my paper work to see how our business has grown. That’s what I’m doing today, and we have broken several personal financial goals. Professionally our business has managed itself well. We have hit a stable point with our employees, and are achieving a higher standard of service.

We are grateful for the times we live in, so much has been accomplished, even in the face of the worst financial crisis we have ever seen. If you believe what you read we are emerging from a recession with strong growth potential. I’ll write about the Fiscal Cliff another time, but even that is good news, because it forces something to be done.

From my positive point of view we have a world that may see peace in my life time. We have both Democrats, and Republicans working hard in Congress to come to some resolution, both politically, and financially. Social programs appear to be in trouble so there is some work to be done there. The good news about that is there has never been more cash in the global economy with some many vested interests in keeping the world safe from another financial collapse.

It sounds like a good news, bad news kind of thing, or a case of bad news is good news.

I just think we have billions of people working towards a goal of stability, that’s what some disasters do, they unite people to a common goal.

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