End of the Year

Yesterday I finished inputting the payroll portion of our year end expenses. Our business income is up through November, but looking at the numbers so far we have had about a 20% growth this past year.

When I started in the cleaning business all those years ago it was an add on to my Real Estate business. There was never a thought of mine given to the idea that the Real Estate market would crash, it seemed like a business I could do until my seventies.

Other Real Estate agents are doing well this year, but it is getting harder to put things together. Buyers, and sellers are demanding more service for the same rate of pay. In some cases Real Estate agents are competing with Discount Brokerages, or rebates from companies like redfin.

I’m just making an observation that I am grateful for our ”side business” of residential house cleaning, and look forward to another year of providing better service at reasonable rates.

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