Day Trading

Day trading is a term used for stock market investment done usually from home by an investor who is at home or a one person office. It’s an addictive practice that relies a lot on personal research. I forget about day trading because what I do is all Real Estate related. I would day trade if I weren’t so overly involved in our small business. Small business is the best investment any one cam make today.

Before this new stock market initiation there was only one investment strategy for us to have which would be in all cash Real Estate, small investments less than $100K. Probably there are good deals in emerging markets in that price range, but I don’t think you need to go any further than Miami. Here in Seattle you can go South to Tacoma  to find $100k properties, or less. The rental returns pay higher than any bank.

I spent some time looking at the stock market in the past couple of days, and listened to Cramer a few times. With this new wave of knowledge I started looking more closely at some of the companies that I follow, from afar, through the financial news.

For as much attention as the stock market, and commodities demand there are some real sleeper companies that are traded in the stock market, and some that are coming out with Initial Public Offerings that are pretty advanced.

I don’t have stock tips for you. All I’m saying is that there are places for cash that may have great returns. It’s something I would probably explore, more, and will set up an account this week end, with a financial planner. I don’t think it’s a place I want to go alone.

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