Congress to get Serious about Spending Cuts

I was watching some Shaun Hannity last night, where he, and Rush Limbaugh are in a tizzy because Obama seems to be supporting the across the board spending cuts, the fiscal cliff.

For four years the Republicans have talked about deficit spending, but now that Obama says, OK, we’ll move ahead with spending cuts there is great concern that he is putting our country in economic jeopardy.

Of course we can cut the spending that Congress has saddled us with, because it is Congress who sets the budget. Congress seems to be having a hard time getting votes on the floor to settle our economy down. The Republicans keep blaming Democrats, but they still don’t take the votes, even though they supposedly have the votes in the House. My guess is that no one in Congress wants the American people to see how corrupt our budgetary process is.

I was appalled that John Kerry stood up in Congress holding up Hurricane Sandy legislation because they wanted more money for fisheries. John Kerry is a Democrat, but I see this on both sides. Republicans add more spending to every bit of legislation the same as the Democrats do.

So let’s say that the across the board spending cuts go into place. Rush Limbaugh was claiming it will mean less police, teachers, and fire fighters. I say there are other places to cut spending that are a lot less obvious than the traditional scare tactics.

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