20% Discount for Seattle House Cleaning

For the past few years we have worked on our pricing. The price per hour continues to go up, but this year we are cutting back. The reason is that we have put back to work the entire set of people we had laid off in 2008. We have other people who have worked for us part time that we would like to have with us full time.

We have the best people in the market.

People gravitate to our company because we respect them for the hard work they do, and the talent they bring to our work each day.

So in the spirit of employing more people we are offering you a discount of 20% for Seattle House Cleaning until September 30th 2012.

That means cleaning will cost $96 per hour for a team of three which is a 20% discount from the $120 per hour which is the going rate for the National Brand Franchises. $120 gets you an hour and fifteen minutes from us, and $144 is for an hour, and a half.

If you would like to experiment with the costs, we have an online pricer on our main web site at: http://www.seattlehousecleaning.com/house-cleaning-prices/house-cleaning-online-estimate.aspx

or you can request an In Home Quote at: http://www.seattlehousecleaning.com/house-cleaning-prices/in-home-quote-form.aspx

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